Polk County Digital Educator Awards - Preface

"Polk County Phosphate Prospectors", Phosphate prospecting crew - Polk County, Florida. 1908. Black & white photoprint, by State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Public Domain.

Announcing the 

Digital Research & Writing Competition
Open to All Polk County Public Schools Educators!

This initiative is designed to:

Support teachers in transforming instruction to include online research and reading, critical thinking and choosing of resources, writing, citing and multimedia publishing using the AwesomeStories archive and MakerSpace applications.

Encourage students to research and learn about their own environment, to learn how to cite resources, create original writing integrating research using the StoryMaker app and to edit and revise their work viewing their WriteFolio.

Share knowledge via stories and primary source resources of Polk County history, geography, geology, climate, economy, businesses, myths, folklore, plants, animals, achievements, events, foods, crops, activities, politics and visions for the future through the AwesomeStories website and via links on Polk County websites.

To begin:

Teachers, login to their AwesomeStories accounts at www.AwesomeStories.org, using their school email address as their id (click forgot password to reset if necessary.) 

From the Teacher Dashboard, click "AssignmentMaker" to choose your prompt. You will find videos and QuickGuides on your Dashboard to assist you in setting up your Classrooms, using AssignmentMaker, StoryMaker and WriteFolio. Assign your prompt to your classroom(s), adding any directions you wish.

3rd-5th grade Polk County Exploration Assignment Prompt

6th-8th grade Polk County Exploration Assignment Prompt

9-10th grade Polk County Exploration Assignment Prompt

11-12th grade Polk County Exploration Assignment Prompt


Your students will receive your assignment on their Student Dashboards and can begin research and writing. On the student dashboard, students will find "QuickGuides" to StoryMaker and to WriteFolio. When they see their assignment, your chosen rubric will be a click away for them. It is important for them to know what you expect of them, and your directions and the rubric will establish expectations.

You may wish to show the AwesomeStories archive search methods to your students, projecting it on a classroom whiteboard, or directing them on computers as they work. This will help the students to understand how to search the AwesomeStories archive and the other 100+ archives linked from StoryMaker.

You may wish to engage your students in sharing their work with each other, using peer responses to guide their stories. Or you may wish to meet with students on their work in person, or encourage them to submit their work and provide your feedback through the grading and revision process online.bout their work, and go to your dashboard and to your "Grading" interface to grade student work against the Florida writing rubrics in the assignments.

When students have submitted work, go to your dashboard review and evaluate their work in the "Grading" interface. You can grade the work as it is, or you can send it back to the student for revision. Once you have graded the work, you should submit the student story for publishing on the website.

We hope you, your students and their families enjoy this project, that student skills are developed, and that the archive and MakerSpace for the Humanities support your instruction going forward.

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Original Release: May 11, 2016

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