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Boston Tea Party

"Boston Tea Party", On April 27, 1773, the House of Commons passed a Tea Act, Public Domain.

 "I don't understand why you have been protecting me for my whole life! DON'T YOU KNOW I CAN DO THINGS ON MY OWN?!" America shouted, anger in his eyes.

"A-America, you have not given us your tax payday and your Tea taxes.  You see, OUR country is flooding with money from your "American" citizens." England scoffed.

"You don't understand what I've been through! My citizens have to deal with money loss and starvation." America growled, tears forming of the corner of his eyes.

Without a warning England screamed, America jumped in fear and looked at his older brother. 

"I was only trying to protect you from the world!" England sobbed, not even caring that tears were running down his emerald eyes.

America stopped moving for just a moment and hid the sadness from his eyes.

 It was 1775. George III ruler of Great Britain, viewed the thirteen American colonies as "his" heavy taxes, paid by the colonials, filled the kings treasury.

The American Revolutionary war was a bickering between two countries known as the United Kingdom and United States of America (USA). America back then wasn't as powerful as it was today.

The USA was just a new country and they faced an rough start in their first decades. This 13-state country was weak with loss of family and low money income. It was until the 4th of July,1776 when the first Americans published the Declaration of Independence to sustain their freedom.

After they were free they still had problems and created Laws of Congress which are still used to this day. Though during from April 19th,1775 to September 3rd, 1783 the biggest conflict between America and Great Britain took place. This was one year before the Declaration of Independence was published.

The main conflict was about taxes. Great Britain had started imposing a tax also known as the Stamp Act which forced Americans to pay their duties directly to England, not logical legislators. They would have Americans buy stamps for anything that was printed material. The taxing from England was another tedious aspect of everyone's everyday life. People were enraged and had enough of England's acts and wanted their freedom. 

One of the most famous events that took place a couple years before the Revolutionary war was The Boston Tea Party. People were disguised as Mohawk Indians and boarded a ship in Boston. They dumped all the tea into the Boston river and to this day is an remembered American event. The main cause of The Boston Tea Party was an additional tax that Americans also were required to pay for, written by the Parliament.

"Parliament - in another concession to the colonies - ended the Townshend tax for everything except a tax on tea. Failure by the British government to abolish the tea tax led to another famous event: The Boston Tea Party."

The Revolutionary War, was a bloody bash, that involved broken hearts, death, and distrust. 300-400 Military Patriots (USA), were ready for the redcoats (UK) when they reached Concord. The Redcoats were ambushed when crossing the bridge. This was known as the Lexington and Concord fighting. Overall by the end of the day, the British suffered 273 deaths. And the Americans only suffered 95. But in total, by the end of the day 368 deaths had taken place.

The Revolutionary War was tough and was meant to be. No matter how many people died the Americans continued fighting for their freedom and justice! 

What was trying "Men's souls" was British rule. The time had come for America to be free. But cutting the ties that bound thirteen colonies to England would not happen without a revolt. No one ever gives up a treasure without a fight. Especially not a king! Many colonists, however believed their cause was supported by a power much higher and greater than king George. Those beliefs helped the fan the flames of the revolutionary fever.

 Yes, this was very powerful and dreadful, but now when you look back at The Revolutionary War...You think of freedom...Yes England did let out a few tears....But it was for the best....America as well did cry, but not as much as his dear brother did.

If you think freedom is free, you are wrong. Freedom is a cost of life. People have fought to be free or to at least protect their own country. Many risk it and many are never seen again. Many such as fallen soldier have died trying to make the world a better place. But they did us a favor, they protected us. maybe if there was no wars, or threats...Maybe no soldiers would have died in battle. But Earth would always have a conflict. When you look at a flag, you notice normally a recognizable pattern to where you come from. It not  only represents your country, it represents soldiers...Fallen soldiers and soldiers. Just know that your living by protection. That is why we salute, respect, and dignify that these people have protected you. Just like a helmet. A helmet of a fallen soldier....

There is this one quote that England had left behind...

The place where I MET you...Was also the place where I LEFT you...

The Revolutionary War isn't something that any of us will be forgetting anytime soon. The war was what brought us all together, it gave us our freedom! It helped us become better people.

Now when you look back at the countries...You see that they have a good relationship...Brother and Brother...


Original Release: Jun 14, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jun 15, 2016

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