Student Stories on the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus - The Temple of ART-emis, by Angelina Maldonado and Marilyn Jimenez

The Great Wonders are monuments in all sorts of places, and you will learn about one of them right now! There are seven wonders, and the one you will learn about now is The Temple of Artemis, from the beginning and when it was built, to the very end and when it was destroyed.

The Architects of the great temple are known by the names Chersiphron & Metagenes. Chersiphron is an architect of ancient Crete in Knossos. Metagenes was the son of this architect. He himself gained his father’s interest in architecture.

The architects chose to build this temple in order to honor the Greek goddess Artemis (or as some will know her as Diana). Artemis is the goddess of the moon, hunting, chastity & natural environments. Here’s a picture of Artemis if you need visuals about this amazing goddess.


Artemis was born on an island called Ortygia. Her parents are Zeus and Leto, and she is the twin sister of Apollo. When she went out hunting her partner was Actaeon until he died.

Artemis was the protector of wildlife and hunting mostly. She had protected both wild and tamed animals. She also sets out to protect farming and animal herding.

One question about the temple is: “What is it made from?” The Temple was beautiful! In fact here is a picture of the place.

This is a digitally made version of what the temple looked like, and the temple consisted of all marble, can you believe that?? The builders of the temple built the place on a marshy land so that earthquakes wouldn’t be able to destroy the place.

The temple had 127 columns, each 60 feet high. The columns were divided into parts, three rows of eight columns on the principle façade, two rows of nine columns at the rear, and the rest on the front and back porches! And 36 were carved with reliefs (prints). The temple took about 150 years to build - crazy, huh?

The temple was sadly burned to the ground, in 356 BC, but by whom?

Recreations of the temple were destroyed by many things. The first destruction was from someone named Herostratus. He had no problem with the temple, but he burned it to get fame. And some say that the only reason Artemis couldn’t stop the place from burning was because she was present during Alexander the Great’s birth, therefore she couldn’t be at the temple to protect it.

The second time it was reconstructed was in 356 BCE, but it was destroyed again by the Goths in 262 BCE. The Goths raided the temple, and damaged it severely, but the spare parts were reused to build the recreation of the temple.

One of the destructions was caused by a flood, but this was the Hymn of Artemis. After this, the Temple of Artemis was born, but no one knew how many destructions it was going to go through. Sadly the temple wasn’t reconstructed after its last demolishment in 401 AD.

The rediscovery of the temple was sponsored by the British museum and was led by John Turtle Wood. Now ... need some interesting facts? Here are some!

  • The Temple of Artemis is also known as the Temple of Diana.
  • The first temple was built in approximately 800 BC.
  • The reconstruction of the second temple took 10 years to complete.
  • The second temple was approximately four times larger in area than the first temple.
  • The temple was rebuilt over and over in the same site
  • Many years later, Alexander the Great visited the town and offered to help pay the cost of rebuilding if they would put his name on it. The people of the town didn’t want to put his name on it anywhere, so it wasn't on or in the temple anywhere, even though Alexander paid to rebuild it.

In conclusion, the Temple of Artemis was a gorgeous building to look at. It was in honor of a well known goddess, Artemis. Even though the temple has been destroyed so many times, the temple will be remembered in its ruins because of its original beauty. Tourists all around the world can learn of its history and remember the great Temple of Artemis that once stood tall and proud.


Original Release: May 22, 2017

Updated Last Revision: Jun 11, 2017

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