1964 Speech by Chinese Official

Liao Cheng-Chih was the Vice-Chair of the China Peace Committee in 1964.  On the 20th of July, that year, he addressed a rally during which he indicated China would support North Vietnam in the event of an American invasion.

This document facsimile contains the English translation of part of that speech.  It includes, among others, these words:

The Chinese people are watching closely at all times the U.S. imperialist acts of aggression and adventurism... The Pacific Ocean may dry up and stone may rot, but the unity and fraternal friendship between the Chinese and Viet-Nam people will remain unbreakable and will exist forever.

Soon after this rally, The News and Courier - "The South's Oldest Daily Newspaper" (based in Charleston, South Carolina and now known as The Post and Courier) - ran a front-page story about it.   In that same August 10, 1964 issue of the Courier, this headline (and supporting story) appeared on page 9-A:

HUAC Links Propaganda with Kennedy Death   

Washington (AP)   The House Committee on Un-American Activities blames the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on the propaganda and agitation campaigns of the Communist party. 

The previous day - on Sunday, 9 August 1964 - the Courier ran two other stories of note.  One was about pop culture; the other was about three murders in Mississippi:

TEN YEARS LATER it’s still with us and the teen-agers says that rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay.  Bob Thompson takes a sardonic look at the lingering phenomenon... (See Page 1-C)        The groan, thud, wall, scream, whang, blare, wiggle and yeah-yeah-yeah of Rock and Roll is now in its 10th clangorous year as a major national force.  And those who predicted its demise as a "passing fad" five years ago have so far proven themselves to be only deeply wishful thinkers.  (Page 1-C)

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.  (AP) - Arrests in the slaying of three civil rights workers were believed imminent Saturday ... Reliable sources said the FBI was trying to locate the weapon matching five bullets removed from the bodies of the men during autopsies in Jackson.  (Front page)

By the early spring of 1966, Liao Cheng-chih was supporting the anti-war movement in the U.S.  An article reported in the Peking People's Daily (which also appeared in the Washington Star), quoted Cheng-chih:

The Chinese admire and firmly support the antiwar movement in the United States...This once again demonstrates that on the Viet Nam question the American people stand on the side of the Vietnamese people and not on the side of the U.S. government.  That the broad masses of the American people have arisen against the imperialism of their own country is something unprecedented in the United States history ... (Quoted by James Rothrock, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) in Divided We Fall, at page 151.)

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Image of facsimile document online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.



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