99th Pursuit Squad Goes to Europe

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In 1943, when the 99th Pursuit Squad was shipped overseas - to join the war effort in the Mediterranean Theatre - everyone was excited. 

At the time, pilots of the 99th were hopeful they could fly to Berlin.  Charles H. Alston (1907-1977) created this drawing in 1943, underscoring the Airmen's goal, as a way to promote the war effort among stateside African-Americans. 

The Tuskegee Airmen did fly to Berlin, the following year.  At the time they were members of the 99th Fighter Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group.  Everyone received a Presidential Unit Citation as a result of their bomber-escort efforts in March of 1945.

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Media Credits

Cartoon by Charles H. Alston, 1943, entitled:  "Destination Berlin!!" (from Record Group 208:  Records of the Office of War Information, 1926 - 1951).  Online, courtesy U.S. National Archives, ARC Identifier 535608.


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