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How would a supersonic plane like this one - an A-5A Vigilante - perform if it were flying into a dense air traffic network?  The U.S. Navy needed to answer that question, so they sent this plane to NASA to find out.

We learn more about what happened from NASA:

A North American Aviation A-5A Vigilante (Navy serial number 147858/NASA tail number 858) arrived from the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, MD, on December 19, 1962, at the NASA Flight Research Center (now, Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA).

The Center flew the A-5A in a year-long series of flights in support of the U.S. supersonic transport program. The Center flew the aircraft to determine the let-down and approach conditions of a supersonic transport flying into a dense air traffic network. With the completion of the research flights, the Center sent the A-5A back to the Navy on December 20, 1963.

This image depicts the A-5A on a lakebed.

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Image online, courtesy NASA.



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