AwesomeStories 101 - A Cure for the Common Core Infographic


Not everyone agrees that the Common Core standards are a positive change. Regardless of one's position on the Common Core, most educators and parents agree that students need to read various types of texts critically, collaborate, analyze information and learn to research critically with 21st century tools.

AwesomeStories is an effective support in meeting those challenges and the specific Common Core standards including Foundational, Literature and Informational Text Reading and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, & Technical Subjects.

Stories, chapters and story briefs—at AwesomeStories—are also aligned to state standards for social studies, science, language arts and math.

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Author: Bond-Upson, Deborah 106stories and lessons created

Original Release: Apr 14, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

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