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This Punch cartoon lampoons an idea which John Stuart Mills had regarding giving UK women the right to vote.  Published on the 30th of March, in 1867, the cartoon is by an unlisted illustrator and appears at page 129.  The UK National Archives provides more detail: “This cartoon mocks John Stuart Mill's attempt to replace the term 'man' with 'person' in the second Reform Bill of 1867. Mill, a social reformer and MP, became known as a champion of women's rights. His proposal was greeted with laughter in the House of Commons, and defeated by 76 votes to 196." In other words ... the situation was the same in Britain as it was in America.


If Susan Anthony really believed she had the right to vote for president and members of Congress, why didn't she exercise that right before 1872? For one thing, the 14th amendment wasn't passed until 1868. For another, Horace Greeley had some positive things to say about women's rights:

The best women I know do not wish to vote...but when a sincere Republican is asked in sober earnest why we deny women suffrage, he must answer "for no reason." It must be acceded for it is the assertion of a natural right.

A "natural right" ... although he was "dismayed" that Molly, his wife, supported the women's movement.

At least a candidate was finally addressing issues important to women. Many men resisted suffrage, however. Cartoons of the time depicted male fears of role reversals and female fears of boredom.

Woman devotes her time to gossip and clothes because she has nothing else to talk about. Give her broader interests and she will cease to be vain and frivolous.

Susan Anthony was neither vain nor frivolous when she went to the convention that nominated Horace Greeley as a presidential candidate. She and her "broader interests" were not welcomed with open arms.

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