Virginia Tech Massacre - A. Jamie Bishop / B. Ryan Clark


Jamie Bishop
By Nelson Swaim


I traveled the world in the studies of my career,

in Georgia, in Athens, and in Germany.

I spent most of the time learning the language,

Teaching, drinking, and wooing a certain fraulein,

Who became my wife, and to my relief, she was not injured,

Though I perished on that terrible day.



Ryan Clark
By Brandon Penny


Being lovable and loved felt like a job to me.

But the day I died, I was almost out of college.

A senior, almost done.

But when I was shot, it all went down the drain.

All of my dreams died with me.

I'm going to miss my family,

But as I look up from my dirt-covered coffin,

I think at least I will be remembered.

My name was Ryan Clark

And I was killed by a bullet in my heart.

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