Vietnam War - AIR AND GROUND ATTACKS - 1966-67

U.S. forces used napalm strikes, during the Vietnam War, to disrupt the places where Vietcong (guerilla fighters from North Vietnam) were finding cover. In this photo, taken by an unnamed Associated-Press photographer in 1966, we see a fireball erupt after a napalm strike (with U.S. soldiers on the ground nearby). Copyright, Associated Press, all rights reserved. Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes. 


Fighting in Vietnam's civil war intensified as America aided the South.  These pictures, from various U.S. archives, help us to glimpse the impact:

  • In March, 1966, the Viet Cong attacked a South Vietnamese village with particular ferocity. The U.S. Air Force airlifts villagers to a safe area near Saigon.
  • Troops from "A" company, 1st Air Cavalry, on "house patrol," check for North Vietnamese saboteurs.
  • Soldiers take a break and drink coconut milk during the search and seizure phase of "Operation Pershing."
  • While a Marine sentry stands guard, his comrades celebrate an outdoor Mass.

By Christmas of 1967, when the President once-again visited the troops, something was in the works which he and his generals did not know.  North Vietnam was planning a massive invasion of the South to coincide with "Tet" (the Vietnamese New Year).

Called the "Tet Offensive," it was responsible for huge losses in the South and major draft increases in America. Most people believe it was the turning point of the Vietnam War.

Tet's terror was widespread. With little doubt, the worst events took place in the ancient city of Hue where the Viet Cong massacred thousands of people.

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