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Cpl. Jemssy Alvarez Jr., U.S. Marine Corps, took this picture as U.S. Marines (from Alpha Company, Battalion Landing Team 1st Bn., 6th Marines) arrive to conduct a search of premises during Operation El Dorado.  The mission is part of the broader “war on terror,” called Operation Enduring Freedom, mounted by America and her coalition partners after the September 11 attacks.  This image depicts an event which took place on May 5, 2004.


The United States, with the help of its allies, responded to the September 11 terrorist attack with military force. On 7 October 2001, American and British forces directed a "measured, broad and sustained attack" on suspected terrorist cells in then-Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The so-called "war on terror" continues.

For many years, after 9-11, the media reported military successes and failures. Among the looming questions were:  Where is bin Laden? Is he dead? Hiding somewhere? The broadcasts sounded the same, one week seamlessly blending into the next. Until ... members of a covert mission found bin Laden in Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

The real story of America's response to the events of 9-11, however, comes from her people. From the children. The teenagers. From the folks in the cities and in the heartlands. What is their response to these shattering events?

The U.S. Library of Congress has acquired many original works reflecting America's response to the attacks. Profiled here are creations from a broad spectrum of people - children and adults, amateurs and professional artists. All have generously given their productions to the national archives.

  • The Twin Towers - "I Can't Take It!" - by Hannah Beach, third-grade student from Knoxville, TN
  • The Twin Towers - "No, No" - by Meagan Yoakley, third-grade student from Knoxville, TN
  • "It's OK" - Eddie Hamilton, third-grade student from Knoxville, TN
  • "We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You Reality." - Ann Telnaes
  • "How My Life Has Changed." - Hilary North
  • "Nothing Feels Safe Anymore." - Daniel DiGia
  • "Engine Company 54 Lost 15 Men." - Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt
  • "After the Screaming." - Marc Yankus
  • "Fear, Fate and Faith." - Scip Barnhart

On the anniversary date of the September 11 attacks, the world remembers what happened on that day in 2001. One of the stories, donated to the Library of Congress, helps to put all those memories in perspective.

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