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Cover of That Convention or Five Days a Politician, by F.G. Welch, is about the Liberal Republican Convention in Cincinnati during 1872. Susan B. Anthony was one of the women who attended this convention.


The text of That Convention (written by F.G. Welch, illustrated by Frank Beard and published in 1872) is really unflattering about Susan Anthony.

Can't she talk until a congregation or a Convention resembles a lunatic asylum?

Or, how about this observation:

...Well, she was there, and represented the aggressive female American brains.

Another woman, Rev. Laura de Force Gordon, also attended. Both women wanted to address the assembly. Could they? Here's what the record discloses:

They wanted to talk -- but the men wouldn't let them...

When "Miss Gordon became restless under the imposed silence," she asked to address the chair. At first no one acknowledged her, but

...finally Mr. Schurz, in the most polite manner possible, begged her pardon, but said that as he understood the action of the Committee on Cre-dentials, the ladies were only extended the courtesy of seats upon the platform.

Seats, but no voice.

If the words describing the women are sarcastic, the caricature of Susan Anthony - and its caption, at page 71 of That Convention - is even worse.

Col. Susie B. Anthony - Warranted to travel anywhere without fear of molestation.

Anthony just wanted to vote. What kind of scorn would she have faced had she tried to run for political office?

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