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As Abraham Lincoln's body traveled to multiple cities, aboard his funeral train, one of the stops was in Cleveland.  The people of that city built a special structure so as many people as possible could view the President's remains.

Harper's Weekly published a story (and an illustration) about the Cleveland funeral.  On page 308 - of its May 20, 1865 issue - there is a description of the viewing area:

A building had been erected for the especial purpose of receiving the remains. The building was twenty-four by thirty-six feet in dimensions, and was fourteen feet high from ground to plate.

The roof was of pagoda style, and the rafters were covered with white cloth. Over the centre of the main roof, and directly over the catafalque, a second roof was raised about four feet, and covered in like manner.

The catafalque consisted of a raised dais, four by twelve feet on the ground. The coffin rested on this dais about two feet above the floor.

On the four corners stood columns supporting a canopy. The columns were draped and wreathed with evergreen and white flowers in the most beautiful manner.

The ceiling of the building was hung with beautiful festoons of evergreen and flowers, while the four posts which sustained on either side the pagoda roof were hung with large rosettes of mingled evergreen and magnolia of two varieties.

Appropriate drapery hung from the cornice of the building, and swung from pillar to pillar of the fairy structure.

Gas lamps were attached to the pillars of the catafalque and to other points of the building, so that the remains could be easily seen at night, and to good advantage.

Harper's Weekly published this caption for the above illustration:

President Lincoln’s Funeral - Building Erected for the Reception of His Remains at Cleveland, Ohio.

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