The Little Boy Who Can Change the Weather: El Niño - Additional Interesting Facts

By the way, El Niño has a sister. Her name is La Niña or Little Girl in Spanish and she is colder and has the opposite effect from her brother with warmer weather in the South and colder in the North. A La Niña is essentially the opposite of an El Niño. During a La Niña, trade winds in the western equatorial Pacific are stronger than normal, and the cold water that normally exists along the coast of South America extends to the central equatorial Pacific. La Niñas change global weather patterns and are associated with less moisture in the air, resulting in less rain along the coasts of North and South America. They also tend to increase the formation of tropical storms in the Atlantic.

They are called trade winds because they propelled trade vessels in the days of sail ships.

The surface area is called the horse latitudes that may have gotten their name from the "dead horse" ritual in which the seaman would parade a straw-stuffed effigy of a horse around the deck before throwing it overboard to celebrate having worked off the "dead horse" debt usually about the time European west sailors reached these latitudes.)

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