African-American Homes in Jackson

African-American Homes in Jackson

The houses pictured here - called "shotguns" - are in the Farish Street District of Jackson, Mississippi.   

Claude Sitton - in his 1963 article, "Inquiry into the Mississippi Mind" - describes some of the differences between people who lived in homes like these (during the 1950s and 60s, and before) and their white neighbors.  The following is an excerpt from his work (which was published in the New York Times Magazine on April 28, 1963):

A planter dressed in expensive western boots and hat gets up from a leisurely meal in a restaurant and displays a rare dime valued at $90 from his coin collection.  Less than a mile away, a Negro mother arises and prepares a breakfast of sugar syrup and hoecake for her children, some of whom cannot attend school because they have no shoes.

These homes - photographed as they appeared in 2009 - are located at Lamar Street and Lamar Court in Jackson, Mississippi.  They are in need of restoration, and efforts are underway to preserve the endangered heritage in this part of town.

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