Albert Schweitzer - Albert Schweitzer Goes to Africa

"Albert and Helene Schweitzer", Arriving in Africa, Groundbreakers, Fair Use.

Albert and Helene Schweitzer boarded a ship to Africa, from the Port of Bordeaux in France, as they began their new life of devotion to others. During the trip, the couple talked with many whites and Africans to gain insight into African life and culture.

Albert quickly learned about the attitudes that whites still had about the black natives. One military doctor told Albert that the blacks should only be treated to protect the health of the whites. 

Albert was appalled. He was going to Africa to be a doctor to the Africans for their own sake, not as a way to help the whites.

When they reached the coast of Gabon, en route to the town of Lambarene, Albert and Helene transferred to a flatboat to journey down the Ogowe (Ogoue) River.  There were no roads, in this area, so traveling by river was the only way to reach the dense jungle regions.

Along the way, they saw amazing sights. Among these new scenes, the European couple saw lush greenery, birds and animals they had never seen before.

When they spied two tails, swinging in the trees, they realized they had seen their first in-the-wild monkeys. At that moment, Albert and Helene knew they were truly in Africa.

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