Albert Schweitzer - Albert Schweitzer Leaves Europe

"Albert Schweitzer", With wife Helene, Albert Schweitzer Zentrum, Fair Use.

After Albert Schweitzer became a certified medical doctor, he applied with the Paris Missionary Service.  The members of the organization turned down his application because they felt he was too outspoken and his religious beliefs did not mirror their own.

Helene and Albert, now a married couple, worked to obtain their own financing with the hope that the organization would not turn down their help if they paid their own expenses. He then visited each of the board member individually to engage them in informal conversations so they could see for themselves that he was earnest in his beliefs.

Assuring the organization's decision-makers that he wasn’t going as a preacher, but rather as a physician, and he would not engage in religious teachings while in Africa, Albert was finally granted permission.

In 1913, Albert and Helene waved goodbye to their family and friends.  Albert’s mother, however, refused to wave back as she would not give her blessing to his plan.

Albert would never see his mother again.

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