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Although the Ancient-Olympic stadium had a judges' platform at the southern end of the course, on the western side, scholars believe it was an honorary place for judges to be seated.

It makes sense that the seating arrangements would have been honorary.  How could the finish of a race be properly decided if the judges were not standing at the finish line?

Judith Swaddling includes a reconstructed view of the judges' stand in her book, The Ancient Olympic Games, at page 31.  She also includes a description:

...The space in front of the seats may have been used for the prize-giving ceremony, when perhaps the gold and ivory table for the wreaths was brought from the Temple of Hera.

Apart from the foundations, no trace of the seats survives, and they have been restored on the basis of illustrations on vases.

This image depicts what is left of the judges' stand.  Click on it for a better view.

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