Anna Coleman Ladd and Her Life-Restoring Masks - Anna Coleman Ladd - the Early Years

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Anna Coleman Ladd was a child when she created her first sculpture. It was just a whimsical piece, crafted from a bit of window putty left by a workman, but in working the clay, Anna found her life's calling.

She was born Anna Coleman Watts in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1878. The family later moved to Paris where Anna received classical training in the arts. Photos from Anna's childhood are available from the Archives of American Art. 

Anna studied with some of the great artists of her day including Auguste Rodin. In 1900 Anna moved to Rome to continue her studies in sculpting and by 1907, at the age of 29, she was exhibiting her bronze busts and fountains for international audiences. In 1915, her fanciful Wind and Spray fountain won honorable mention at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.

Many famous women—including Anna Pavlova, Ethel Barrymore and Eleanora Duse—commissioned Anna to create their likenesses in bronze. This intensely personal work helped to prepare Anna for the work she would do in the war.

Anna married Maynard Ladd, a Boston pediatrician, on June 26, 1905. They were married at Salisbury Cathedral, in England, before returning to the Boston area to live. 

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