Assassination Warning Letter to Lincoln - Page 2

This is page two of the letter to President Lincoln, from Frederic Bates, warning of an assassination plot.

Bates had apparently overheard a discussion about the plot in July of 1863, while he was traveling on a train in the South, although his letter to Lincoln is dated November 10 (of the same year).

The following is a transcription of page two of Bates' letter:

he lost his own life in the Villainous deed the amount was to be paid to his family.

On acct of an Uncle & family still at the South I beg of you to let this information remain a secret so far as my name is concerned.  That you may know I am no imposter I refer you to Hon Jacob Collamer of Vt. who knows my father (I think) Jacob Bates of Hartland Vermont & My Uncle Dr D. L Lyman of Royalton Vt--

Very Respectfully

Fredc Bates

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Image of Bates' letter to Lincoln, online courtesy Library of Congress.



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