Assassination Warning - Nov 10, 1863 Letter to Lincoln

Among President Lincoln's papers, which are maintained at the Library of Congress, is a letter warning the President of an assassination plot against him.  The two-page document, from Frederic Bates, is dated November 10, 1863.  It was sent from Titusville, Pennsylvania.

The first page of the letter reads as follows:

Titusville Pa Nov 10/63

Dear Sir

On the 23d of July last I left Macon Geo. with my wife & child for Vermont My Native State Had been a resident of the South eight years. While travelling from Macon to Atlanta by "rail" I overheard some conversation which I consider to be my duty to communicate to you. The substance was this. The speaker (J. H. Jossey of Macon) with several other wealthy planters in that region had entered into an agreement with a desperate character (I now forget his name) to assassinate both you & Mr Seward They had given bonds to pay him $10.000 -- for the Murder of one & $20.000 for both -- & in case

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Bates letter to Lincoln, online courtesy Library of Congress.




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