Attila - Attacks Against Eastern Roman Empire

The Huns had no written language, but there is a written description of Attila by Priscus, a Greek-speaking Roman historian who met him.  One could see his power, Priscus said, even in the movements of his body.  The description we have does not exactly match all the legends which survive.

There came a time when Aetius (the Roman) and Attila (the Hun) fought together.  That alliance, however, did not last.  When Attila led the Huns, the Roman Empire was at risk - with large amounts of tribute (and ransom) paid to the Huns.  It was easier, for the opposition, to pay Attila's price rather than risk a war against him.

In 440, the Huns caught a Roman bishop stealing artifacts from the tombs of Hunnic dead.  Attila was furious and led his mounted warriors (who performed like lethal weapons) against the Eastern Roman Empire.

It would not be their last battle.


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Clip from Attila: Scourge of God (1987).  Written by Jesse Sublett; narrated by Monte Markham; aired on A&E's "Biography" series.  Clip online, courtesy Uralic's Channel on YouTube. 

Copyright, Biography, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the documentary.


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