Attila - Expert Horseman, Roman Hostage

Huns were nomads, carrying their belongings with them in their carts as they moved around the steppes.  They were also fierce warriors, but the Romans considered them barbarians. 

Orphaned when he was young, Attila was the favorite of his uncle, the king.  He learned to ride a horse before he could walk and, as a young man, participated in raids and battles. 

Before long, the Huns became a serious threat to the Roman Empire, already weakened - internally - by corruption, quarrels and misguided politics.  Attila was sent to live with the Romans (as a hostage) and Aetius (a Roman) was likewise sent, as a hostage, to live with the Huns.  Both learned the ways of their enemies - indispensible knowledge they would both use in future years.


Media Credits

Clip from Attila: Scourge of God (1987).  Written by Jesse Sublett; narrated by Monte Markham; aired on A&E's "Biography" series.  Clip online, courtesy Uralic's Channel on YouTube.  Copyright, Biography, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the documentary.


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