AwesomeStories 101 - Preface


Welcome to AwesomeStories where...


Historical figures are real people;

Places are online field trips;

Facts and figures are compelling stories;

Points of view are knowable and debatable;

Primary sources are findable and usable;

Original documents are alive with scratch-­outs and edits;

Videos reveal meaningful context;

Images enhance learning; and

Online reading and research is guided and fun.


AwesomeStories provides the conditions for 21st century research and critical thinking while saving educators and learners time. AwesomeStories Free Archive and Premium Apps comprise a MakerSpace for the Humanities.

Teachers with a GOLD membership, and all their students, explore direct and guided access through stories to primary sources. Teachers build curriculum students love while students grow reading-and-writing skills, convert boring reports into illustrated narratives and build academic work with StoryMakerTM. Teachers can also make curriculum using our unique CurriculumMaker app which allows stories to be resources, learning tasks to assess standards and reports to run results of all the hard work accomplished by students. 

Throughout history, and across cultures, stories have always been a very engaging way to teach and learn. In our time the importance and value of story has only grown. In this exponentially growing universe of knowledge and rumor, stories can serve as paths to meaning and truth.

Examining the artifacts and records of the time and situation of the story, bring awareness of the value of the evidence behind the stories and perspective on the many views of a story. This discernment is a critical part of effective 21st-century knowledge and achievement. So ... AwesomeStories delivers the stories—and the stories behind the stories—from films, books, history, current events, culture and art. 

This story-driven, evidence-based teaching and learning platform features over 5300 AwesomeStories-authored story learning guides with over 100,000 linked primary sources.

Using story guides, videos, audios, documents and images, students engage, research, think critically, reflect and communicate to succeed as 21st-century learners.

We choose the most compelling stories and dig deep to explore video clips, images, old radio interviews, original documents and artifacts, all the while unearthing evidence to help understand the “who, what, when, where, how and why,”  in the context of the times. 

A unique new driving force in our website is the ease and specificity with which teachers and students can maximize the learning experience. To find just what you seek, we built AwesomeSearch, a uniquely speedy and simple-to-use, standards-based filtering search. 

GOLD and PLATINUM memberships offer breakthrough tools including AssignmentMakerTM, StoryMakerTM and CurriculumMakerTM for a low monthly or annual fee. 

All this makes AwesomeStories a “playground for critical thinking.” Our vast array of media, informational text and evidence enables teachers to build lessons and students to learn thorough rigorous research techniques.

AwesomeStories can help you to teach better, learn better, read better, write better and think better. 

To see how to use AwesomeStories, explore the chapters of this "AwesomeStories 101" story.

For a quick look at how you can join as a free or premium member see "Start Here."

Welcome to AwesomeStories;

let the adventure begin!


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Author: Bond-Upson, Deborah 106stories and lessons created

Original Release: Feb 01, 2015

Updated Last Revision: May 15, 2018

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