Battle of Britain - London Blitz

On the 7th of September, 1940, huge numbers of German aircraft left France for Britain. "The Air Battle for England" was underway. 

German pilots - flying 348 bombers (Heinkels, Dorniers and Junkers) and 617 Messerschmitt fighters - were optimistic.  They believed England - just like Poland and France - would fall.

Joan Brisley, a student in Hawkinge - a village in Kent, located west of Dover - remembers the sound of the planes, decades later.  It was a Saturday afternoon when the extraordinary, massive attack began.  The planes were heading to London, then a city of 8 million people.  The Germans hoped to sever the city's lifelines.

The bombing continued, unabated, for twelve hours.  For the first time, a major city was also bombed at night.  The attack, for those who endured it, "occurred out of the blue."

German pilots, looking down on the burning city, hoped their bombs were reaching intended targets.  They were not thinking - as they recall their experiences decades later - about human victims.

The bombings continued for 57 consecutive nights.  Worse than the bombs - according to survivors - were the fires.  People worried they'd be burned alive.

Hitler wanted Britain to make peace with Germany, but Winston Churchill - in broadcasts to the country - insisted that Britain would defend itself.  He'd already declared:  "We shall never surrender."

"He echoed the sentiments of the nation," says Bess Cummings.  "He was just a representative, if you like, of how we felt."

Clip from "The Battle of Britain," a documentary executive-produced by Guido Knopp.

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Media Credits

Clip from "The Battle of Britain," a documentary (incorporating historical footage) of the London Blitz which began on September 7, 1940.

Executive Producer:

Guido Knopp


Ralf Piechowiak
Alexander Berkel

Clip online, courtesy YouTube.



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