Battle of Hasting - Foot Soldiers at the Fight

After they've been called into battle by the warlord Ordgar, Tofi and his friend Leofric receive frightening news.  Now their country is being threatened by a new foe - someone from France - and they have to travel south to defend their own homes. 

Their method of travel?  Running, on foot.

The invader is Duke William and his men are Normans.  William thinks he has a claim to the English throne, and he means to act on that claim.  He will fight the current king to the death, if that is what it takes.

When Tofi and Leofric reach their village of Crowhurst, they are horrified.  Their village is destroyed. 

Britain, itself, will also receive very bad news.  William was victorious at the Battle of Hastings, and King Harold was killed. 

As a result, the country will be forever changed.

Media Credits

Clip from BBC production, on the Battle of Hastings, entitled "1066:  The Battle for Middle Earth."  Copyright, BBC, all rights reserved.  Embedded link to YouTube.


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