Benedict Arnold’s Letter of Betrayal

Benedict Arnolds Letter of Betrayal

When Benedict Arnold wrote this July 15, 1780 letter to give up West Point for 20,000 pounds, he realized he would soon leave Philadelphia for his new assignment as the fort’s commander.  General Washington had given approval for that change on the 29th of June. 

It is believed that Arnold traveled to West Point, from Philadelphia, sometime after July 21st.  He learned that the British accepted his surrender offer about a month later (on August 24, 1780).

After he took control of West Point, Arnold kept its physical fortifications in place, although he scattered his troops.  His plan of betrayal was not to “hand over” the fort to the British.  His plan was to “lose it” in a battle.

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Image, Clinton Collection at the Clements Library, University of Michigan.


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