Betsy Ross: The Life Behind the Legend - Betsy's Legacy

"Betsy Ross Flag", Contribution to history, by Flags of the World, You Tube, Fair Use.

The story of Betsy Ross is so much more than just a maker of flags. This young woman weathered not only the American Revolution, but also the War of 1812 as a courageous and industrious craftsman who spent 60 years working to support herself and her family.

Betsy is important to American history not only because she made any one flag, but because she approached and embraced life with vigor and imagination. She celebrated history’s victories, and suffered some of its consequences.

Her story is one among many of the stories of American women and men who built their country. She furnished its rooms, clothed its citizens and created pride in making simple things. Those were the things that made life beautiful and functional in times that were difficult to be part of a country in turmoil. 

It is in this way that Betsy Ross is a true hero in American history.

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