Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge

Now a fearsome pirate of the Caribbean, Blackbeard and his men captured a French ship called La Concorde.  The man once known as Edward Teach tells the vessel's captain:

You are nobody.  Standing up to me will make you somebody.  

Then ... when the captain refused to tell Blackbeard whether his ship was carrying gold ... he lost his finger.

Louis Arot - the cabin boy whom the pirates called "Frenchie" - gave Blackbeard the information he wanted to know.  The ship - which had been commandeered with barely a fired shot - had gold dust on board.

Throughout the Caribbean, as crews became more and more afraid of what pirates would do to resistors, many other ships were taken with just a warning shot.

Despite his ruthless ways, Blackbeard had a policy - no killing without a good reason - but he did not always follow his own rules.  Sometimes revenge got the better of him. 

In a way, his own ship - the commandeered La Concorde - reflected a vengence approach to life.  It was now called Queen Anne's Revenge.

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Clip from the BBC's Blackbeard, Episode 1. Copyright, BBC, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the production.  Online, courtesy  BBC's Channel at YouTube.


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