Bodies at the Boat Houses

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About 17 meters below the Italian town of Resina, known today as Ercolano, volcanic debris from Vesuvius' 79 AD eruption covered an ancient shore line. Along that shore line were ancient stone boathouses which had been destroyed by the volcano's fury.  At the time of the eruption, the town was known as Herculaneum.

Undisturbed, until 1982, the boat houses contained other victims of the famous eruption which also covered the nearby town of Pompeii.  These were human remains of individuals who likely believed they would be safer near the water as the volcano spewed-forth its terrifying pyroclastic flows.

This image depicts a view inside one of the stone boat houses which still contained the skeletons of ancient people who died, in 79 AD, when Vesuvius unleashed its awesome power.

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