Bolshevik Party Congress, 1919

Bolshevik Party Congress, 1919

This photo depicts Vladimir Lenin with Leon Trotsky and Lev Kamenev.  The men are at the Second Party Congress, in 1919.

Neither of these two Lenin comrades fared well after Lenin's death.  Kamenev (the son of a Jewish father and a Russian-Orthodox mother) was caught-up in the "show trials" of 1936.  He was executed, by gunfire, on August 25, 1936.  All of his family members - except for his youngest son who survived the Stalinist labor camps - suffered a similar fate. 

Trotsky - born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, into a family of wealthy non-practicing Jewish farmers - lasted a few more years than Kamenev (his brother-in-law). 

Initially living in exile off the coast of Istanbul (from 1929-1933), then in France and Norway, Trotsky ended-up in Mexico City.  He remained at odds with Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader after Lenin's death.  He was assassinated in his home office - on the 20th of August, 1940 - when a Stalinist undercover agent struck him in the head with an ice axe.  Trotsky died the next day; his ashes were buried at his Mexico City home.

Media Credits

Image online, courtesy the Russian State Archives. 

Also at the New York Public Library, Digital image 51923.


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