Bonaparte - Becomes Emperor of France

While in Egypt, Napoleon’s army found the Rosetta Stone, leading to decryption of Egyptian hieroglyphics. His navy, however, was defeated by Lord Nelson and the British fleet at the Battle of the Nile.

At home, Napoleon became dictator of France where he restored post-Revolution order. A grateful nation made him emperor and, during the coronation ceremony, Napoleon crowned himself.  Move the clip forward - to 5:10 - to begin the segment on his coronation as Emperor of France.

Learn more about this fascinating ruler in this video clip from the mini-series, "Napoleon."

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Media Credits

Clip from "Napoleon," a four-hour series by David Grubin.  The mini-series, produced by David Grubin Productions in association with Devillier Donegan Enterprises, originally aired on PBS during November of 2000 as part of the series on Empires.


Written and Directed by David Grubin

Produced by David Grubin and Allyson Luchak

Edited by Seth Bomse and Susan Fanshel

Cinematography by James Callanan

Music by Michael Bacon

Narrated by David McCullough

The entire program runs 240 minutes.


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