Roberto Clemente: A Hero Beyond the Baseball Diamond - Born in Puerto Rico

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Roberto Clemente was born in August, 1934 to Melchor and Luisa Clemente in the barrio San Anton in the town of Carolina, Puerto Rico.  A barrio is a section of a Latin American town with a very high poverty rate. San Anton had always been poor, but the Great Depression of the 1930’s and  World War II inflicted even greater hardship on the residents.  There was very little money.  The town had no plumbing, electricity, or medical facilities.  Food and fresh water were in short supply.  Life expectancy rates were low and infant mortality rates were high.  It was a dismal existence.

However, Roberto grew up in a happy family with three older brothers, a sister, a half-brother and a half-sister. The family survived several tragedies and they all had to work very hard to survive.  His younger sister nicknamed him “Momen” and that was what his family called him the rest of his life. His sister and his half-sister died young and the family mourned their loss.

 The one thing their town had in abundance was sugar cane.  Men and women worked in the cane fields, which was brutal and physically dangerous work.  Roberto’s father worked all day in the fields and then made deliveries for a small food store in the evenings.  Everyone Roberto knew worked long and back-breaking hours and it instilled in him a very important value: the honor and dignity of honest labor.

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