California Gold Rush

When gold was found at John Sutter's Mill, prospectors from around America traveled to California.  "The Gold Rush" was on, leading to misery for many and wealth for some.

Sutter, himself, ended-up on the losing side of the gold rush.  His mill workers left their jobs, to seek their own fortunes, and incoming speculators greatly damaged his business.  As he later observed:

There is a saying that men will steal everything but a milestone and a millstone.  They stole my millstones.

In this clip from "The Story of Us," we learn about the background - and the impact - of the Gold Rush.

Note that John Sutter found gold in the American River (not the California River).  Note, also, that many people suffered as they lived in squalor with limited access to nutritious food.

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Clip from "The Story of Us," a History-Channel production.  Copyright, History Channel, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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