Carnotaurus and Indominus Rex

Carnotaurus, a theropod dinosaur which likely weighed around one ton and measured about 25 feet long, roamed the plains of South America during the Late-Cretaceous Period.

Among its features were these:

  • Unusual hornlike projections on its skull
  • A short, deep snout
  • Stubby forelimbs with short lower arm bones
  • A thick neck
  • Small bumps across its body.

Only one Carnotaurus fossil has been found so far. It was discovered during 1985, in Argentina, by Jose Bonaparte.

Amazingly, most of the skeleton, its skull and skin impressions were unearthed. Such a detailed discovery is very rare in paleontology.

The creature’s hornlike projections on its skull, resembling a bull’s, led to its name—Carnotaurus—which means “Meat Eating Bull.”

Although Carnotaurus resembles T. rex, paleontologists believe they are very distantly related theropods. In addition, the South American dinosaur had teeth which were about 7.5 times smaller than the teeth of a T. rex.

Most likely a faster runner than T. rex, Carnotaurus had a huge thigh muscle which comprised around 15% of its entire body weight. Paleontologists who have studied Carnotaurus believe it was probably a faster runner than all the other theropods.

The creature which Dr. Bonaparte found, in Argentina, likely lived in a place which was dominated by a lake or a lagoon. The climate, when Carnotaurus was alive, was warm but included wet-and-dry seasons.

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Information about Carnotaurus from the BBC's "Walking with Dinosaurs" website, and its page on Carnotaurus.


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