Castillo de San Geronimo - Attack by Buccaneers

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The town of Porto Bello, Panama, had significant defenses.  One of those defenses was a castle - called San Gerónimo - which was still under construction when Henry Morgan (the buccaneer) and his men arrived in July of 1668. 

Since there were no Spanish ships in town, waiting to load treasures for a trip to Spain, San Gerónimo was not well-defended.  The buccaneers learned that the water between themselves and the castle was very shallow, thereby allowing them to storm it.  Members of the under-manned garrison begged for mercy and, according to the history by Alexander O. Exquemelin, were bound and put into a church where they were held as prisoners.

This image - depicting the fall of San Gerónimo Castle in Porto Bello, Panama - is from the original version of The American Buccaneers, written by Alexander O. Exquemelin and published, in the Dutch language, as De Americaensche Zee-rovers during 1678

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From De Americaensche Zee-rovers ("The American Buccaneers"), by Alexander O. Exquemelin, published by J. Ten Hoorn in Amsterdam (1678).  The first edition of this work was written in Dutch. 

This image is from the 1678 Dutch version of Exquemelin’s book.  It is maintained by the Library of Congress.  Image online, courtesy Library of Congress.



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