The Boy Who Became the Dalai Lama - Chapter 1: Tibet

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"Tibet", Tibet is located between China and India, http://www.yowangdu.com, Public Domain.

Before you can understand who the Dalai Lama really is, you must first understand his country. Tibet is located in the highest region in the world with an elevation of 16,000 feet.  It is located between the countries of India and China. It is a very remote area, and is not easily visited.

As a result, Tibet spent many years isolated from the influences of the outside world. Up until very recently, there were no railroads, no airports, no roads, no cars, no telephones, and very few outsiders ever journeyed there. The Tibetan people lived simple lives and raised Yaks and planted crops. They are hard-working, hardy, courageous, and extraordinarily cheerful and kind people. They are also very religious people. They practice a religion called Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhism believes that humans must be one with nature. The religion values kindness in all things - in one’s relationships with others as well as the physical world around them. Buddhism believes that no one should be envious, or aggressive, or ignorant. It values education and tolerance of all things. And, it was because the Tibetan people live in such a secluded place, and were such a peaceful, happy people, they never felt the need for an army or any way of defending themselves. They have always lived quiet lives, worked hard, endured a very cold mountain climate year-long, and practice their religion every day.

Original Release: May 13, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

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