Thaddeus Kosciuszko: Hero of the American Revolution - Chapter 6: More than a Soldier

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Thaddeus had skills and interests well beyond his military inclinations.

  • During 1777, while in the service of the Continental Army, he wrote a musical polonaise and scored it for the harpsichord.
  • He was given a black orderly who was a slave and he freed this man and treated him as an equal and a friend.
  • He was appalled at the way Native American Indians were being treated as second-class citizens and he stood up for their human rights. In gratitude, the chief of the Miami Indian tribe gave him a tomahawk/peace pipe as a sign of appreciation. It was one of Thaddeus’ most prized possessions.
  • Because of his advice during the French Revolution, the revolutionaries made him an honorary “Citizen of France”. He warned them of the impending danger in Napoleon Bonaparte who later staged a coup d’état and took over France.
  • He took command of a Revolution to free peasants from serfdom and end feudalism in Europe. The peasants called him a “messenger from God”.
  • He relentlessly fought for the freedom of American slaves and even offered all of his salary from the Revolutionary War to Thomas Jefferson to buy his slaves and set them free.
  • He also fought for women’s rights as equal citizens—a philosophy over 150 years ahead of popular acceptance.
  • During the uprising in Poland by Russia and other foreign powers to take over his native country, he was arrested by the Russians and imprisoned for two years. In return for his freedom, he promised the Russians not ever to return to his homeland, and lived the end of his life in exile in Switzerland. 

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