Thaddeus Kosciuszko: Hero of the American Revolution - Chapter 7: Honored and Respected

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Although mostly forgotten in the page of US History, Thaddeus Kosciuszko is remembered in the hundreds of monuments, plaques, and dedications to his courageous fight for human rights everywhere.

  • A county in Indiana is named for him.
  • A city in Mississippi is named for him.
  • He was recognized in the 1967 Polish Biographical dictionary as Poland’s and the world’s most popular Pole ever.
  • In Krakow, Poland a monument was erected in his honor in 1820 with Polish citizens bringing earth from all the battlefields where he fought to place at the memorial.
  • In 1959, a twin bridge spanning the Mohawk River in Albany, New York was named for him.
  • The house where he lived in Philadelphia in 1796 is now the Kosciuszko Nations Memorials and is part of the US Park System.
  • There is a Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn, Switzerland where he died in exile in 1817.
  • In 1925, a Polish-American cultural agency, the Kosciuszko Foundation was formed in his honor.
  • Polish Air Force units have borne the name: "Kosciuszko Squadron”.
  • A historical novel an opera, and several dramas and poems have been written about his life.
  • In 1933, the U.S. Postal Service issued a commerative stamp in his honor.
  • A famous statue of him stands in Krakow, Poland, and replicas of the statue can be found in Boston, West Point, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington DC, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cleveland.
  • A mount ion in Australia bears his name
  • An island in Alaska is named for him.
  • Too many streets and parks to mention bear his name.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko was a man of great character and conviction. He was a prince of tolerance who stood up for oppressed people: European serfs, American slaves, Native American Indians, Jews, Women, any and all other disenfranchised groups.  

Lord Byron wrote perhaps his best epitaph (in "The Age of Bronze"):

That sound that crashes in the tyrant’s ear – Kosciuszko!

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