Charles Dickens in 1842

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This image depicts Charles Dickens as he appeared the year before he published "A Christmas Carol."  Francis Alexander, an American artist working in Boston, created this oil-on-canvas during Dicken’s 1842 visit to the U.S.

So closely was Dickens associated with Christmas in Britain, after he published his story about Scrooge (in 1843), that people mentioned it when he died in June of 1870. 

Theodore Watts-Dunton, for example, overheard a girl's reaction at the Covent Garden market.  He wrote a poem about it:

A ragged girl in Drury Lane was heard to exclaim:  "Dickens dead?  Then will Father Christmas die too?"  June 9, 1870.

Dickens Returns on Christmas Day

"Dickens is dead!"  Beneath that grievous cry
London seemed shivering in the summer heat;
Strangers too up the tale like friends that meet:
"Dickens is dead!" said they, and hurried by;
Street children stopped their games - they knew not why,
But some new night seemed darkening down the street.
A girl in rags, staying her wayworn feet,
Cried, "Dickens dead?  Will Father Christmas die?"

City he loved, take courage on thy way!
He loves thee still, in all thy joys and fears.
Though he whose smile made bright thine eyes of grey -
Though he whose voice, uttering thy burthened years,
Made laughters bubble through thy sea of tears -
Is gone, Dickens returns on Christmas Day!

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