Children's Dance Fountain - Barmaley Fountain in Volgograd

The children, featured in this fountain, are dancing the Khorovod. The Khorovod is a type of common circle dance which Russian children loved to do before WWII.

The original fountain, which was installed in Stalingrad during 1939, was known as Barmaley Fountain and was based-on a fairy-tale poem by Korney Chukovsky (1882-1969). A crocodile, who played the leading role in Chukovsky's poem, was called "Barmaley."

When Germany bombed Stalingrad—in August of 1942—the Barmaley fountain was damaged. The original was dismantled, in the 1950s, but a new fountain—depicted in this image—was installed in 2013. Like the original, this 2013 fountain is based on Chukovsky's fairy-tale poem (and features children dancing the Khorovod around a crocodile).

Located where the original was situated before the war—in front of the train station—the new fountain helps people to remember the 40,000 residents of Stalingrad (now known as Volgograd) who died on August 23, 1942 (the same day the prior fountain was damaged).

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Media Credits

Image of Barmaley Fountain—in Volgograd, Russia—by Andrey Bogdanov; online via Panoramio. Copyright, Andrey Bogdanov, all rights reserved. Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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