Civil War, U.S. - Unforgettable Sights - Summary

“Home” was the place where Americans fought their deadliest war. Mass slaughter ended the lives of about 618,000 “Yanks” and “Rebs” who disagreed over issues like states’ rights and slavery. About two percent of the entire American population died. (An equivalent impact would translate to roughly six million people today.)

 In this story, highlighting aspects of America’s internal conflict, virtually visit some of the most famous places of the Civil War. From Harpers Ferry (where John Brown led his notorious 1859 raid on the federal arsenal) to Yorktown (a beautiful, seaside Virginia town), the South was affected by conflict.

See picturesque Antietam Bridge (near Sharpsburg, Maryland) which became part of the war's bloodiest battle during September of 1862. Observe Richmond (capital of the Confederate States of America) as it was transformed from bustling harbor town to devastated city.

Meet some of the men who fought the war, see how they lived in their camps and how they fought on the fields of their country. Examine original documents, such as the order (signed by General Longstreet) for “Pickett’s Charge” at Gettysburg. Observe the results of General Sherman’s “March to the Sea,” and read firsthand accounts of civilians who lived through the trauma.

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