Clara Harris - Present at Lincoln's Assassination

The image on the left depicts Clara Harris after she married her fiancé, Major Henry Reed Rathbone. Both Rathbone and Harris were present, at Ford's Theatre, on the night that John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln.

A photo depicting a younger woman, on the right—which is maintained at the U.S. National Archives—is often misidentified as Clara Harris. Historians have verified, however, that the right-side image is not Clara Harris.

Later in life, Major Rathbone—who never quite got over what happened the night Lincoln was killed—seems to have lost his mind. Booth had injured him, too—with a knife—and just before Christmas, in 1883, Rathbone took a knife and a pistol and tried to kill himself and his children.

He succeeded in killing his wife, Clara.

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Media Credits

Photo on the left, by an unnamed photographer, depicting Clara Harris Rathbone is online via Ford's Theatre. Public Domain.


Photo on the right, by an unnamed photographer and maintained at the U.S. National Archives (where it is misidentified as "Clara Harris"), online via U.S. National Archives. Public Domain.


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