Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine - The Kennedy Detail

Forty-seven years after the death of President Kennedy, Gerald Blaine (a former Secret Service agent assigned to the White House Detail) and Clint Hill (who protected Mrs. Kennedy in Dallas) discuss JFK's assassination with C-Span's Brian Lamb.

This interview provides further background on Blaine's 2010 book - "The Kennedy Detail" - and a two-hour documentary, aired by the Discovery Channel, of the same name. 

Among the key issues are significant questions, such as:  Why weren't the President's secret service agents riding on the back of JFK's limo?   Had agents been on the car itself - instead of behind it - could they have saved the President's life?  What actually happened after the President was rushed to Parkland Hospital?  What discussions, if any, did Clint Hill have with Mrs. Kennedy during the year following her husband's death?

At 33:00 into the interview, Clint Hill explains what happened to him, personally, after the assassination.  

At 42:00, Hill describes what he saw, and did, after reaching the back of the President's car. 

At 46:59, Hill relates what Mrs. Kennedy went through at Parkland Hospital.

The interview is part of C-Span's "Q&A" series.

Media Credits

November 8, 2010 interview - of Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine - by C-Span's Brian Lamb.  Interview online, courtesy of C-Span's YouTube channel.


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