Columbia, South Carolina Burns during Civil War

Union soldiers attacked Columbia, South Carolina's capital city, during Sherman's "March to the Sea." The town was massively damaged by a fire (among other things).

William Waud created this sketch of the events at Columbia on the 17th of February, 1865. It was published, by Harper's Weekly, on April 8, 1865 (about a week before the assassination of President Lincoln).

The Library of Congress, which maintains a copy of Waud's illustration, provides the following title and summary:


The burning of Columbia, South Carolina, February 17, 1865 / sketched by W. Waud.


Print shows a large group of Union soldiers under the command of General Sherman, watching Columbia, South Carolina burn; inhabitants, mostly women, flee both the fire and the soldiers.

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Image onlina, courtesy U.S. Library of Congress.


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