Confession of Guy Fawkes, after Torture

Guy Fawkes—the most-famous of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators—signed two confessions, one after he was tortured and another eight days later.

This image depicts the confession signed following torture. The UK National Archives tells us more about it:

Fawkes signed 2 confessions - one after torture and another 8 days later. The contrast between them is remarkable.

The first document shown here is a page from his confession under torture. His weak and shaky signature 'Guido' can faintly be made out...

The following is the confession text from this page of the document:

Town on the Monday night following, and confesses also that the said Persy, this examinate, Robert Catsby, Thomas Winter John and Christopher Wright met at the forenamed house on the Backside of St Clements Inn on Sunday night last

He further saith that the Wednesday before his aprehension He went forthe of the Townd to a house in Enfield Chase on this side of Theobalds where Wally doth ly And thither came Robert Catsby, Graunt and Thomas Winter, where he stayed untill Sunday night following

He confesses also that there was speech amongst them to Draw Sir Walter Rawley to take part with them, being One that might stand them in good stead, as others in Like sort were named.

(faint) Guido Fawkes

Taken before us and subscribed By the examinate before us

Ed(war)d Coke
A S Waad (Wade)
Edward Forsett

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To examine parts of the confession with a magnifying lens, visit the UK National Archives’ website.

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Image online, via the UK National Archives.


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