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After Washington addressed the Congress, tendering his resignation as commander-in-chief and returning his original commission, the president of Congress (Thomas Mifflin) responded.  The report of Mifflin’s response was recorded by James McHenry, a delegate from Maryland and the General’s friend. 

This is the transcription of the above image:

Sir, The United States in congress assembled receive, with emotions too affecting for utterance, this solemn Resignation of the authorities under which you have led their troops with success through a perilous and a doubtful war.

Called upon by your country to defend its invaded rights, you accepted the sacred charge before it had formed alliances, and whilst it was without funds or a government to support you.

You have conducted the great military contest with wisdom and fortitude invariably regarding the rights of the civil power through all disasters and changes. You have, by the love and confidence of your fellow citizens, enabled them to display their martial genius and transmit their fame to posterity. You have persevered till these united States, aided by a magnanimous king and nation, have been enabled under a just providence, to close the war in freedom, safety and independence, on which happy event we sincerely join you in congratulations.

Media Credits

Text image, Library of Congress. 

See, also, Washington’s Papers at the Alderman Library, University of Virginia.


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