Congress Accepts Washington's Resignation - Page 2

Thomas Mifflin, president of the Congress in December of 1783, accepted General Washington’s resignation.  This is page two of the report, imaged above:

Having defended the standard of liberty in this new world - having taught a lesson useful to those who inflict, and to those who feel oppression, you retire from the great theatre of action with the blessings of your fellow citizens: But the glory of your virtues will not terminate with your military Command - it will continue to animate remotest ages.

We feel with you our obligations to the army in general, and will particularly charge ourselves with the interests of those confidential officers, who have attended your person to this affecting moment.

We join you in commending the interests of our dearest country to the protection of Almighty God, beseeching Him to dispose the hearts and minds of its citizens to improve the opportunity afforded them of becoming a happy and respectable nation; and for you we address to him our earnest prayers that a life so beloved may be fostered with all his care - that your days may be happy as they have been illustrious, and that He will finally give you that reward which this world cannot give.

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Image online, courtesy the U.S. Library of Congress. 


See, also, Washington’s Papers at the Alderman Library, University of Virginia.



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