Tricky Vic - An Impossibly Good Con Man - Count Victor Lustig - The Real Tricky Vic

This image depicts Robert Miller / Count Victor Lustig, circa 1935. By this stage in his life, the "Count" had been a con man for many years. Image online via Wikimedia Commons.


Robert Miller was born in the Bohemian town of Hostinné, which is now part of the Czech Republic.

A very good student, who grew-up to be an intelligent young man, Miller learned to speak several languages. 

When he was nineteen, Miller sustained a bad scar on the left side of his face (during a fight about a girl). That scar would come to haunt him, later in life.

Abandoning his real name, in favor of Victor Lustig, and fashioning himself as a “Count,” when he had no claim to royalty at all, Miller/Lustig began his adult life as a gambler and a con man. He was particularly good at playing cards and inventing scams.

Miller/Lustig started traveling on cruise ships where he touted small mahogany boxes which he claimed were money makers.

Of course, the boxes never made money, but gullible people were impressed with Lustig’s efforts.

In fact, some people were so impressed that Lustig lined them up as customers.

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