Four Feathers, The - DEATH OF THE MAHDI

Mahdist forces destroyed Khartoum in 1885, but the victory for the Mahdi himself was short-lived. Soon after capturing Khartoum, he died on 20 June 1885. Although the facts are not totally clear, he most likely succumbed to typhus.

After Ahmed's death, he was buried in an impressive tomb, with a mosque, at Omdurman. But without his leadership, the Sudan was once again damaged by constant warfare. Ahmed's successor, Khalifa Abdallahi, made Omdurman his capital.

Omdurman grew because it was the place where the Mahdi was buried. Although adherents to his form of Islam were forbidden from making pilgrimages to Mecca - one of the five pillars of a Muslim’s faith - Mahdists made pilgrimages to Omdurman where they visited the tomb of their fallen leader.

For thirteen years, until 1898, the Mahdists were in charge. (The "period of the Mahdists" is called "the Mahdiyya.") But the end of the story was far from over. Revenge for Gordon’s death, and the desecration of his body, would erupt into the battle for Omdurman.

It is here, just before the long-anticipated battle begins, that A.E.W. Mason begins his tale of The Four Feathers.

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